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Welcome to your new job!

Hidden Job Market Strategy Tips

Is this you ?

Joint event with the Westminster Social Policy Forum

Dolbert's Diary update

URGENT - Wanted for TV programme

For unemployed over 50, jobs especially scarce

The growing over 50's problem

Panorama - Over-50 'crushed' by redundancy

Free one day mentoring workshop

3 generations unemployed ?

Interested in taking up a Franchise ?

Free franchise offer to 3 WCU community members

Out of work? Join the job club

WCU wanted for Panorama documentary

Job Interview Tips For The Hearing Impaired

The Career Dilemma – the perfect role in the wrong location

Simply not enough jobs out there to get the jobless back to work!

Ask Louisa

NOMIS UK labour market statistics

Government to scrap retirement age

Middle class unemployed failed by job centres, Government admits

More unemployment figures ...

Work until you drop … if you can

What's your big idea ?

Dolebert's return

No funding for training for the unemployed

UK forcing employers to re-advertise all jobs occupied by temporary visitors ?

Entrepreneurs: powering job creation in the UK

GB Job Clubs

Tell your story in a film

On-line training courses

"Careless" spending by Labour

Sink or swim ?

Are the over 50's becoming the new lost generation ?

White Collar Unemployed "Readers Letters"

"Building bridges to work: new approaches to tacklinglong-term worklessness"

Interviewee wanted by Reuters Television

Unemployment down again ?

Wanted - Portsmouth based, unemployed executives

Organisations, clubs, self help groups etc. in the North East ?

UK unemployment - the problems are far from over

Who wants to be an Entrepreneur ?

Job Prospector - 50% discount

Good news, unemployment on the fall at last - or is it ?

Is unemployment really improving in the UK ?

Happy New year !

Dolebert's diary updates

Twitter yourself a job

Job Prospector program does the work for jobseekers

Who wants to be an Entrepreneur ?


1.1 million job opportunities in the UK

Are you a budding Entrepreneur with an idea ?

Some more useful sources of information

UK unemployment slows but is the situation improving ?

Self Employed - the next step ?

Don't give up, try something different !

Still no response from my Labour MP ...

WCU now on Twitter

Live interview with Steve Wood on BBC News

Executive Networking

So what to do now ?

The same old story

Microsoft to help generate 500,000 jobs

Is this really the help being offered ?

Possible Opportunities

Jobs of the future

My meeting with the recruitment specialist

Referred to an agency for help after 6 months

At last, some help ? … or maybe not

Fortune Favours the Brave

UK unemployment figures continue to rise

Jobcentre Plus - Not Working

"Help for mature job seekers"

Truth or Rumour ?

Who wants to be an entrepreneur?

6 months unemployed is too long

Job club experiences

"The 6 month offer"

Town halls pledge to help unemployed

I asked my MP

Are employment agencies letting us down ?

WCU on the radio

Where is the help we were promised ?

Is retraining really an option ?

Telegraph.co.uk re-launches job site

Another Monday morning

Now there's an offer !

Choices '09

Spread the word

Future Jobs Fund

Is it all just spin ?

More gloom ahead as things get worse

Sales workshop

Maybe there is such a thing as a free lunch !

Doleberts Diary

The big backlog

New jobs channel

"Get back to work faster"

On-line job scams on the increase

Is the Government really doing anything to help the white collar unemployed ?