As and when I come across any, jobs, voluntary positions or anything else that could be of interest to the members of our community, I will add it in this section.

If anyone knows of any opportunities, please send details to me at steve@whitecollarunemployed.co.uk

Financial Market job opportunities

Published 26th January 2012

Asymilate Ltd is a boutique niche market trading and risk management consultancy specialising in the delivery and implementation services of Front / Middle and Back Office solutions to the wholesale banking industry.

Positions available:

  • Financial Market Junior Developer (FMJD)
  • Financial Market Senior Developer (FMSD)
  • Financial Market Junior Business Analyst (FMJBA)
  • Financial Market Senior Business Analyst (FMSBA)

To have an opportunity and to know more about these GREAT roles, APPLY with your CV to recruit@asymilate.com


Bilingual People Language Recruitment fair - London - June 18th 2011 at the Hilton Hotel Metropole.

The Bilingual People Language Recruitment Fair, sponsored by www.toplanguagejobs.co.uk, is the largest and most exciting exhibition of its kind dedicated to multi-lingual recruitment.

Since the beginning of the financial crisis in 2008, the employment market is suffering everywhere across Europe. The crisis leads to exodus of the highly qualified talents, who are nowadays more up to delocalize themselves. Companies have to stay competitive in order to prepare the crisis exit and they need talents able to communicate internationally if they want to keep on developing their own activity. That is why international companies keep on recruiting highly skilled language professionals for their multilingual positions.

So despite the financial crisis, companies are more likely to increase their investment into HR than into any other expand, in order to assure their growth and stability for an early future.

locationsThe data to the left shows that the average demand for language speakers in London is a lot higher than throughout the rest of the UK.

With the demand so high for language speakers in the UK and especially in London – Probably due to its incredible dynamism and cultural diversity - it would be a shame to miss out on this opportunity if you are a bilingual or multilingual language speaker.

languagesEnglish and German are still the highest spoken languages throughout Europe, closely followed by French and Dutch. Almost 50% of bilingual jobs are for the IT and customer service industry. With such a high demand for language speakers within this industry the UK has never seemed so attractive.

Source - http://www.toplanguagejobs.co.uk/employer-statistics

Bilingual People is definitely the best event of its kind. Formally known as the International Language Recruitment Fair, the event is dedicated to expats and bilingual/multilingual jobseekers across Europe, and is attracting more people every year.

For more information about the fair and to register for your ticket

Our London event only takes place once a year so make sure you don't miss out if you are interested in finding a great job using your language skills either in the UK or anywhere else across Europe.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Top Language Jobs Team


A bit of money on the side…

Tasksauce is now very close to launching. In one sense the project can be viewed as a version of the so-called big society.  

Unemployment levels are very high in the UK at the moment, and as the cuts start to bite this level is likely to increase before it comes down. So people need an opportunity to make a bit of money while they are looking for work.

One good way to do this is for people in local communities to offer each other bits of work here and there.  The benefit of this is twofold. First, people who are too busy to run their own errands get the help they need. Second, by allowing others to do their errands for a fee, they make a contribution by assisting those who need work to earn money in a dignified way.

This is what Tasksauce is hoping to achieve. It is like the yellow-pages and Facebook combined. On the website busy people will be able to post tasks or errands they want done and the price they are willing to pay. If you are a runner, you then receive emails of all the tasks being posted in your local area. You can decide which tasks you would be willing to do, and then you can bid to do the task. If your bid is accepted, you then run the errand and get paid the agreed amount.

This work is perfect for people who want a temporary way to make money while looking for a job. Our community will provide a way for people to help other people with their errands while making money at the same time. If you do get a full-time job in the future, you can decide if you want to carry on being a runner and run errands whenever you feel like it.

To maintain a high level of service and safety to customers, all runners are submitted to a criminal records check before being approved to work. An independent company called Capita does the CRB checks for Tasksauce. The CRB check costs £41.20, which is paid by the runner to Capita when they apply to be a runner.

Although it seems a lot, there are benefits to this. CRB checked runners are more likely to get work than people who are not checked. In any case, Tasksauce expects that at peak times a runner can easily make over £60 per day running errands. So the initial payment for the CRB check will be recouped quickly and easily.

For more information visit www.taskauce.com or www.facebook.com/tasksauce

A real ‘home-based’ business of your own with huge rewards is possible.

This rare opportunity is best for people who are ethically driven who want to use their skills to market a product and develop a small team of similar minded people to do the same.  This is a self employed opportunity and a degree of initiative and drive is important.

This business is new to the UK and represents a step change in the treatment of heart disease and the effects of diabetes. You will be paid and receive thanks again and again as customers see the evidence of and experience improved health, stamina and energy to name but a few.

The science behind our product is backed by the Nobel Prize for Medicine and many top doctors and cardiologists around the world believe this represents a step change in the way we treat and prevent cardio vascular disease.

Our business is exciting, dynamic and rewarding and during 2011 we expect to see dramatic growth.

There is also the opportunity to identify someone’s cardio vascular age through a simple non invasive test that lasts just a few minutes using technology that is not readily available and ahead of any competition. This alone may produce an income that could be hugely rewarding.

Through our partnership with one of the largest manufacturers in the natural health industry, we have the marketing right to bring this product to the masses.  If you or anyone you know suffers or is  at risk of heart disease,  you will understand the devastation and needless suffering heart disease and diabetes bring. For people who wish to be pathfinders in bringing a product to their local community this is inevitably going to appeal.

If you are put off by franchise fees, royalties, tightly drawn up contracts, a large requirement to working capital, and you are positive ambitious and what to take charge of your own destiny then this business may suit. You may work this business full or part time as you are in charge of your own targets. We are backed a similar network of people whose reward it is to help you too.

Quite apart from the products, the training, team support and the technology that is available for you to grow your business is impressive as is our compensation model.

Timing is important as embracing this business now provides the best opportunity for a substantial income. You may never have to work again. Excited? Interested? You should be.

Contact Tim initially on 07855 275728 for an informal chat or go to www.teamsynergy-uk.co.uk and find out more.

Free to 3 of your WCU members

Saturday 29th January 2011

Hi Steve

I've read about your site in The Guardian this morning.

After proving our business model over the last 2 years we are about to launch a white collar franchise (accountancy background preferred) with our company.

However after reading about the situation facing many 'white collars' I have decided to offer it for free to 3 of your members.

If your members have the background we're after and if this is interesting to you then please get in touch so I can give you more details..

Many thanks, you seem to be doing a great job.



We are looking for ex white collar workers to become team leaders on a self employed basis.

Up until just over three years ago I ran my own Mortgage Brokerage and like many people found the economy taking it's toll on my income. Like many professional people I was forced to look outside the box and started a Kleeneze franchise.

Contrary to popular belief Kleeneze is NOT just a pocket money business. Its a low cost option that can produce massive incomes and for 86 years has operated in the UK without ever posting a loss.

The earnings for a self motivated Team leader can be anything up to £40k per month. Along with a car reward scheme and travel incentives. I myself in under 6 months have qualified for £15k of free travel.

The UK's highest paid team leader earns over £400k per year. I am more than prepared to travel and conduct a introductory presentation with info packs provided to anyone who maybe considering self employment as an option.

Here are a few links you may find of interest. There is a link to our own personal achievements web page I draw your attention to the press section you will find there an very recent article on my business.

For more details, contact Tim & Tina Pace, Independent Senior Kleeneze Distributors & Business development consultants. Helping ordinary people to build extra ordinary lives. Tel: 0121 3146734, Web: www.pacesetter.org.uk


Are you an unemployed executive who lives in the heart of Portsmouth?

If yes then this opportunity will be of great interest to you.

We will be delivering our renowned two day executive support workshop that has now got a tremendous reputation across the South East of England for delivering results.  For the first time we are able to deliver this training in Portsmouth.

The two day workshop will help with:

  • Transferrable skills from one employment sector to another
  • Increase your networking opportunities to gain the jobs that are never advertised
  • Production of a CV that will get you noticed

At the end of the two day workshop there will be further assistance that will help you with any specific queries or issues that arise during the two days.

The training will be taking place on 30th and 31st March in Portsmouth from 9.30am – 4pm. All refreshments including lunch provided free of charge.

In the last two years we have built up a fantastic reputation for our work with this client group. Now we have been given the opportunity to deliver it in Portsmouth. Visit our web page to see feed back from past executive clients.

For further information on specific content and details how to enrol then please contact Kerry Dedman the Director of Open Door Training Ltd at www.opendoortraining.co.uk  or by telephone on 07594 549770

Open Door Training logo


UK Executive Franchises and Management Franchise Opportunities

Whitecollarfranchise.co.uk is a specialist franchise research resource, helping you to investigate and understand franchising, and manage the process of investing in an executive franchise or management franchise.

From executive franchises in areas like coaching, consultancy and finance to management franchises in recruitment, care services or print and sign, whitecollarfranchise can help you to find the ideal executive franchise or management franchise to suit you.

We have lots of information for the serious prospective franchisee, so unlock our interactive panel to see in-depth features, detailed content and access all areas of the site. 

More details on their website at www.whitecollarfranchise.co.uk


White Collar Franchise Opportunities throughout the UK

Running a franchise is not for everyone. Most unemployed people are looking for a job. A franchise is NOT a job – it involves setting up and running a business, so the first question you need to ask yourself is “Do I want to run my own business?”

Most franchises are blue collar - cleaning drains, knocking dents out of cars etc. A few are white collar, aimed at accountants, estate agents/letting agents, business consultants or running an office cleaning business. A few hours spent at one of the franchise exhibitions is instructive!

The M2M Sound franchise is for people with sales skills, who understand why businesses buy particular products and who can deal with professional buyers – architects, consulting engineers etc. Have a look at http//:www.m2msound.com

We are looking for people who will take a “Local Franchise” typically an area with a population of around 2m, and who have the following attributes

  1. A salesperson / confident, good with people. Presentable
  2. Efficient / organised
  3. A knowledge of sound/hi-fi/acoustics – well educated
  4. A knowledge of electrics
  5. Able to invest €50k (70% bank funding may be available)

You can be a salesperson if you have not sold before – what is important is that you have the right personality.

If you are not efficient and organised you need to have someone working alongside you who is.

If you have a degree in a science or engineering subject, or are technically minded, 3 and 4 are not a problem.

Clearly for many unemployed people 5 can be a problem but if you meet the other criteria, and are otherwise a good fit we may be able to assist.

If you are interested, the initial part of the process is:

  1. Email info@m2msound.com and ask for a Prospectus.
  2. Read the Prospectus and respond.
  3. We will arrange a telephone conversation.
  4. If we still both wish to proceed we will arrange to meet.


Who wants to be an Entrepreneur ?

15 free places are available on a unique 5-day course for ideas-stage entrepreneurs early in 2010.

The course, run by The Portsmouth Centre for Enterprise and Business Link, will run over two weekends in January and culminate in a final pitching event in February.

Applications are invited from candidates considering self employment as a career route.


  • Develop and focus your entrepreneurial ideas
  • Discover if an entrepreneurial venture is right for you
  • Network with other ideas-stage entrepreneurs
  • Meet and hear from entrepreneurs who have already done it
  • Pitch to providers of incubation, start-up finance and business mentoring


  • Weekend 9th & 10th January – Your idea, your skills and your team
  • Weekend 23rd & 24th January – The entrepreneurial toolkit
  • Saturday 13th February – Pitching to the innovation support network


Anyone who has a degree and who is currently unemployed, who has been made redundant or is in danger of redundancy, who aims to use unemployment as an opportunity to start their own business.

Candidates will need to commit to being available for the whole 5 days.


Holiday Inn, Pembroke Road, Southsea, Hampshire, PO1 2TA

How to apply:

To apply for a place email: richard.sant@port.ac.uk stating why the course would be of benefit to you. Places are limited and organisers are looking for applications which demonstrate evidence of entrepreneurial intention, commitment and enthusiasm along with a great business idea.

For more information, please visit our website, www.port.ac.uk/enterprise

Download poster


Channel 4 logo

  •  Have you and members of your family been unemployed for a long time?
  • Fed up of living on Benefits?
  • Stuck in Rut?
  • Want to change your family’s life for the better?

Channel 4 is looking for families to take part in a new series where an employment & motivational expert will help you to turn your lives around… For Free!

 You could be starting the New Year with a new job and outlook for the future…

 If you and your family are interested in taking part – or know someone who is, then please contact Becky Maynard ASAP by calling 0207 534 2007 or emailing becky.maynard@studiolambert.com

 All calls will be kept strictly confidential.

Business Opportunity - Independent Distributor

What is Financial Independence?

  • It is the freedom to do what you really believe in, because you don't have financial worries.
  • It is the freedom to spend more time with your family because you can.
  • It is the freedom from worry about your pension as you approach retirement.
  • It is freedom from debt.
  • It is the ability to pay for your children's higher education, and give them a good debt-free start in life.
  • It is being unruffled by the recession...

How do you achieve Financial Independence?

  • By thinking differently
  • By taking control of your financial future into your own hands.

You can start a business today as an Independent Distributor of a line of excellent market leading products, using a proven business model and work your way to Financial Independence.

You will receive all the training, mentorship and support you need from people who understand where you're at right now.

It's good to be sceptical - but you need to find out more. Decide to fully explore the opportunity. At a stage in your enquiry, you will meet me or some other colleagues of mine, and have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have, so you can make an informed decision.

To begin, please visit my website @ http://www.thealoeshop.co.uk.

Develop your Digital skills for the jobs of today & tomorrow

Whether you're new to technology or a seasoned IT professional, Microsoft can help get you the skills, training and certification needed to compete in today's technology-driven workplace. In the modern workplace, 77 percent of all jobs require the ability to use some form of computer. Through Britain Works, you can take advantage of free and low-cost resources that will get you the skills to be workforce ready.

PRINCE2 for Project Management

University of West of England logo

Prince2 Logo


The University of the West of England, in collaboration with ILX Group, is pleased to offer the PRINCE2 for Project Management Foundation and Practitioner e-learning course.

Standard price: £798

Subsidised price: £399*

*For candidates who are unemployed or facing redundancy, if you meet the solutions4recession eligibility criteria you can save £399. Contact solutions4recession for details.

Utility Warehouse advert image

Life changing income opportunity - full training, all areas

Are you tired of juggling family and work commitments? Do you need balance and a flexible lifestyle? Would a regular part time income make a difference to your life, or are you looking to build your own business with the support of a FTSE 250 company.

We are looking for hard working, honest and ethical people to spearhead our expanding business, without compromising your current commitments.

If you have a supervisory, managerial, teaching/training, sales and marketing, health professional, recruitment or a self employed background, we would like to hear from you.

Full training is provided with all the support you would expect from a UK FTSE 250 company and the top rated (FT assessed) plc for the last year. We are a ‘WHICH’ Best Buy company.

You will receive the opportunity to achieve an income to a level of your choosing based on the number of hours worked (flexible), to be discussed at interview.

We seek people with good inter-personal communication skills, a positive attitude and a willingness to learn new skills.

Business opportunity video: watch our video now

Contact us now to find out more !

email: info@yspendmore.co.uk

freephone: 0800 990 3226

web: www.yspendmore.co.uk



See the latest vacancies and unpaid/voluntary vacancies at politics.co.uk jobs bulletin

Jobs ads for free

I just came across a site that allows businesses to publish their job adds for free and hence there are many employers there directly advertising rather than going through agencies.

There are many different categories and there seem to be quite a few jobs on there so it could be worth a look. The web site is at www.freeindex.co.uk/jobs/ .

Let us have your feedback if you give it a try.