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Video: Mark Prisk on stimulating enterprise

Apprenticeships doubled, but job fears remain

Over 50 and on the scrapheap

Fixed retirement age to be axed

Duncan Smith considers incentives to relocate jobless

Nick Clegg says cuts move 'painful but necessary'

UK workforce needs skills for areas of growth

Unemployment rises to highest level since Labour came to power

Long-term jobless hits 13-year high in new blow for Brown


How to make the most of you

Looking for a Business Opportunity in the UK?

Underemployed make jobless figures “deceptively good”

Are jobcentres still working?

Plastics recycler gives work to 200 jobless

Surprise fall in UK unemployment amid surge in part-time jobs

Jobs created for 350 unemployed in Surrey

UK economy isn't a basket case after all

Unemployment 'will peak at 2.8m' in 2010

Number spending second Christmas unemployed doubles

Long-term unemployment has doubled, TUC says

Building Britain’s Recovery: Achieving Full Employment

Redundant Brits will struggle to survive

"Back to work" plan to push self-employment

Lowestoft UK's enterprise capital

Make use of freelancers, firms told

Jobs growth rooted in enterprise

Training, Not Infrastructure, Will Bring Recovery

IT Industry Will Contribute 5.8million Jobs To Help Recovery

Tories 'to get Britain working'

Microsoft invests £45m in employment drive

UK unemployment climbs to 2.47m

Another review won't help the jobless

Queen of the jobless industry

UK must think again on how to tackle jobless problem

Analysis: Unemployment v claimants explained

Inquiry over missing benefits claimants as middle classes refuse dole

UK unemployment soars to 2.43 million

UK Tackles Funding Crisis For British Tech

Backing Britain’s unemployed is our priority

Wanted: Unemployed Briton to go on free holiday and call it work

Business services sector to shed 311,000 jobs

Companies Expect Job Cuts But Not In IT

Redundant staff 'have a six month window'

Rise in jobless across Hampshire

Unemployment rises by another 230,000

Unions Warn UK Unemployment To Keep Rising Until Late 2010

Vast local differences in impact of recession revealed by new report

The white-collar workers being hit hardest by recession

BCC: European Burdens Barometer reveals staggering cost of red tape on business

Downturn 'double whammy' for over 50's

EC To Regulate State Aid For Next-Gen Broadband

Getting Britain’s unemployed back to work

Unemployment creeping up

Digital Investment Could Create 700,000 UK Jobs

Programme launched to help jobless graduates

White-collar staff losing jobs at faster rate than blue-collar workers

White-collar jobs hit as recession bites

White-collar workers hardest hit by recession

Unemployment rises to 2.1 million

Digital Britain Summit: Gordon Brown pledges support for creative industries

Unemployment 'to hit 3.2 million'

'We are seeing some very distressed and disturbed people'

Jobless executives to get special help

Drive to tackle white-collar unemployment in recession Britain

Employment scheme 'risking failure'

White collar jobs for white collar workers

Jobcentres given new mission to save the middle-class jobless

Key Labour employment plan close to collapse

Guaranteed extra help for people unemployed for six months

Real help for the unemployed

Think 'creatively' to help white-collar unemployed

Middle class face jobs disaster, warns Bank of England